How we work

As part of our commitment in providing a quality, highly professional, affordable and caring service, Orchard Therapies has assembled a community of experienced counsellors, psychotherapists and psychologists. We offer an initial consultation to assess your needs and place you with the therapist best suited. We then provide ongoing therapy via appointments with the chosen therapist to achieve the desired outcome.
When is it useful to have a Consultation?
Some adult clients refer themselves following a crisis or an acute traumatic episode, others seek a consultation due to a range of presenting problems, including; issues associated with chronic illness, established patterns of unwanted behaviours, sudden or longstanding feelings of anxiety, family breakdown, relationship breakdown. We also work with bereavement, school refusal, phobias, social anxiety, or towards self-improvement.
Children and young people must have an initial assessment with parents and/or guardians to enable us to take a full family and developmental history. This also means that we are better placed to consider the root causes of the difficulties and to make the informed evidenced based decisions about treatment.
What to Expect
We are aware that it is sometimes daunting to seek help, so in your initial consultation we offer a sensitive, thorough approach to understanding and thinking about your concerns. We will take a detailed history and ask about your understanding of the issue.
You may be offered ongoing work with the therapist who has completed the assessment or you may be referred on to a different therapist more suited to deal with your situation. We then arrange for the appropriate therapist to contact you within 48 hours of your consultation to arrange an appointment, usually within one week. 
How Long Will The Consultation Last?
Adult consultations will last up to one hour. Child and family assessments will usually require up to 90 minutes, with session is in three parts beginning with child and family, then child alone, followed by everyone.
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